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Drilling Fluids

Hammer Oil

Biodegradable Rock Drill Oil


Talik Hammer Oil is a biodegradable extreme pressure rock drill oil containing a complex additive package to combat shock loading, water washout and rust. For use with all types of pneumatic rock drill equipment and down hole hammers.


Talik Hammer Oil is biodegradable, exceeds all manufacturers required specifications for equipment and is therefore recommended for all drilling applications, especially in environmentally sensitive areas, water wells and monitor wells. The complex additive package in Talik Hammer Oil ensures equipment is supremely lubricated while being protected against high temperatures, excessive wear from shock loads and water wash-off. This also leads to reduced consumption, less misting, low odour for operator acceptance and is non toxic and biodegradable.


For use with all industrial air line lubricators. Simply and easily applied as a ‘batch treatment’ when poured directly down the drill pipe. The quantity to use will depend on several variables but generally consumption will range from 7 to 45 liters per day.


Talik Hammer Oil comes packaged in a 20 liter, high impact plastic container with a pour spout lid. 36 pails per pallet.