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Grout & Hole Plugs

Safety Plugs

Safety plugs are primarily used to block off a diamond drill hole at the collar. We have B, N and H sizes in stock. Other sizes are available for special order. Safety plugs cannot be used where there is high pressure or high flow water. In such situations a Margo Plug should be used.

VK Grout Plugs

VK Grout Plugs are constructed of zinc and rubber with mild steel pipe in the centre. This allows the grout plug to be drilled out. The VK grout plug can be adapted to drill rods by a left hand pipe thread which allows them to be removed after cementing. We have B, N and H […]

Van Ruth Plugs

Van Ruth Plugs are used for wedging plugs in off-bottom situations and bridging plugs for cementing. Van Ruth Plugs are also used in some wedging applications where holes are making water.

Rubber & Graphite Displacement Plugs

Displacement plugs are used in diamond wireline drill rods and casings for placing loss of circulation materials, sensitive drilling fluids, cement plugs or casing pack fluid.